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Frequently Asked Questions

What hours is the Hawk Bookstore open?

Click here for current hours or call (714) 628-4735.

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When will books be available for the next semester?

Summer '23 textbooks are on sale today, in store and online. Your online options are in store pick up or shipping.

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When can I sell back my book?

 Textbooks will be available for buyback during finals week every semester, Spring and Fall  Call (714) 628-4736 for current buyback hours. *Dates and times are subject to change*

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What should I bring to shop in the bookstore?

Bring a copy of your class schedule so that we can select your textbooks.  A current student ID card is required for all textbook rentals done in the store. A credit card is also required as security for rentals (cardholder must be present). In-store transactions can be paid for with cash, check (made out to RSCCD), credit card (cardholder must be present) or student accounts such as financial aid and scholarships, with your student ID. Imprinted parent or business checks can be used along with a current student ID card. Refunds for purchases made with checks are subject to a two-week waiting period from the date of purchase.

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Can I rent textbooks online?

Yes! Please note that NOT ALL BOOKS are available for rent.  If your textbook is available as a rental, a price for "new rental" or "used rental" will appear on the selection screen.  Add the desired item to your cart.  You must agree to the rental terms and submit your student ID number before you can complete your transaction.

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When do rental books have to be returned, and what are the penalty fees?

Summer '23 Rentals must be returned  August 7, 2023 by closing time to avoid penalty fees. Books not returned by closing time on the deadline date will be charged to the customer at full retail price. If you are unable to return your book in person you still have options. You are able to return your rental via mail at your own expense and ship it to Hawk Bookstore 8045 E. Chapman Ave Orange Ca 92869. Or you can have a family member or friend drop it off at the store on your behalf. Please plan accordingly!

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Why can't I add the book to my cart? (Price not displayed or grayed out)

If prices do not display or are grayed out, the book has not arrived from the publisher. Inventory is updated daily, so please check the website again later.

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Why can't I find the ISBN on Amazon?

Your instructor may have chosen a special customized textbook which is not available from other retailers.

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Can I purchase a digital book?

Yes, many titles are available in digital format from our online affiliates. You will see them listed along with other versions of the book, when available.

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Why do you show prices from other online retailers?

We now offer comparison shopping on our website. After you create a course list you will see prices for your books from the SCC Hawk Bookstore as well as other online retailers.  If you purchase from another retailer, you will be directed to that retailer's website to complete your transaction. Please be aware that other retailers will not accept Hawk Bookstore gift cards as other payment.

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Can I pick up the books in person?

Yes.  Make sure to choose "In-Store Pickup Next Business Day" as you check out.  There is no extra charge, and you can pick up the books without having to wait in line.  After you receive your second email from us (can take up to 24 hours), bring your order number and a photo ID to the pickup window.

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When will my order be ready?

Normal turnaround time is a full 24 hours in a business day -  For the summer we are closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Any order placed after 9:00am Friday will not be processed until the following Monday. You will receive a second email when your order has been completed. Bring your photo ID and web order confirmation number to the pickup window.

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Can I have the books shipped to me?

Yes - choose "USPS Priority Mail" during the checkout process.  Shipping is $10.00 for the first item, and $2.00 for each additional item.  You will receive your order in 1-4 days.  Log into your account on this website to check your order status.

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How will I know my order has been shipped?

You will receive an email from the Hawk Bookstore when we have processed your order.  You can also check your order status by logging into your account from this website.

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Why am I being charged more than the total on my order confirmation?

The total charged to your credit card may be adjusted based on inventory quantities of new or used books at the time your order is processed.

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My class is at Santa Ana College.  Can I buy the book from the Hawk Bookstore?

No.  Different campuses use different books, so make sure to purchase your books from the campus where your class is held.  Books for SAC classes can be purchased from their website at: www.donbookstore.com

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Why are my books so expensive?

The Hawk Bookstore sells new and used textbooks at a price designed to cover the costs of operating the bookstore and meeting all other required financial obligations. This price includes all expenses associated with bookstore operations and personnel. We are 100% nonprofit.

Click on the link below for a graphic representation of what goes into the cost of your textbooks:

Where New Textbook Dollars Go

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Why can't I sell my book back to the Bookstore?

If we cannot buy back your textbook, it is for one of the following reasons:

  • The instructor has requested a different book than was used last semester
  • The course has been dropped from the curriculum
  • We already have a full quota of books for the course
  • The publisher has advised us of a forthcoming new edition
  • The textbook has gone out of print
  • The textbook is in poor condition (water damage, etc.)
  • The course is offered only once a year or every other year
  • We have not received a request from faculty to provide the book
  • We cannot buy back tapes, computer software, or workbooks

NOTE: As a courtesy to students, the Bookstore will provide for a used book wholesaler, College Book Co., to make you an offer on most of the books the Bookstore cannot buy. You will get the best price for your books during finals week, because our need is greatest at that time.

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What if I want a refund?

Hawk Bookstore Refund Policy

All textbooks must be accompanied by a student ID and a receipt from the Hawk Bookstore.  Refunds are given only at the campus where you bought your books.  Please note:  Banks may take 14-30 days to post debit/credit card refunds to your account.

Last day for Summer '23 refunds for session 1 is June 15, 2023. Session 2 refunds ends July 13, 2023. All textbook sales after the refund deadline are considered final.  No refunds during any finals week.  All refunds are subject to a restocking fee.

Packaged or shrink-wrapped textbooks will be refunded for the full amount if unopened.  Damaged or soiled books and opened packages will be refunded at the used book price (75% of the new price).

SCC insignia and all merchandise purchased through the website will be a final sale for the time being. No refunds or exchanges at this time.


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