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Before you place your order please be aware that:

All orders can take up to 24 hours to be processed. Please plan accordingly! If you need your textbook as soon as possible, we are open for in store shopping! Monday-Thursday 8:00am-4:00pm Friday CLOSED

Fa Link

Orders with Fa Link (Financial Aid) as form of payment will only be accepted in store at this time

Renting with gift cards or vouchers

If you are renting using a voucher or a gift card, a visa/debit card must be put on file to continue your checkout. You must submit your first payment method as a credit card and enter the balance of $0.00. After you will be able to add your voucher/gift card and include the total of your order. Please be aware if you fail to add a credit card then your order will be canceled.

Gift Cards

Gift card is considered a form of payment method. It is not a coupon or promo code. Make sure to add it at the end of check out where you select your form of payment.

Access Cards/E-texts

Our access cards and e-texts come in a physical form. This means that you would need to scratch or pull on the card to access the code. These do not download automatically after purchase.


Although a used textbook may be available now, it may not be in stock when we process your order. The Hawk Bookstore will substitute and charge you for a new copy when a used copy is not available.

Textbook Info

Used books are sold "as is" - they may not contain ancillary materials such as CDs, DVDs or access codes. Textbook prices and titles are subject to change at any time. The Hawk Bookstore guarantees accuracy only for books purchased from our store. Normal return policies apply to all textbook purchases.

In-Store Pickup Next Business Day

 Please be aware that we do not process orders over the weekend. Any order placed during that time will not be processed until the following Monday. Please do not make your way to campus/online order pick up window until you receive your second email stating your order is ready for pick up. We appreciate your understanding and patience with this!

USPS Priority Mail Shipping - $10 minimum shipping cost - Final shipping total calculated at checkout

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